Monday, August 15, 2011

A General Feeling of the Blahs

The last couple of days I have been suffering a really bad case of the blahs.

Part chemical (figure it out), part weather related (though staying up half of Saturday night to watch the storm was pretty cool) and part Tova, I've just been in the dumps.  This isn't a case of the Darkness, which I've talked about in the past.  No demons are coming to pull me down to the depths of Hell.  Rather, I just feel like crap.

The summer hasn't exactly gone as I scripted it. I lost a whole bunch of time to being sick, my best friend too a turn for the worse, all my weekend excursions didn't pan out.  My road trip down south fell apart due to the last paragraph.

Now I'm starting to worry that my trip next week will fall apart.  There's no real reason to feel this, but there are so many things which could go wrong.  What if Tova takes a turn for the worse?  What if it rains all week?  What if?

So blah. 


  1. Not such a huge chick flick person.

  2. 1. Hope for the best.
    2. Make alternative plans. :)

  3. ugh..these moods are the worst! u usually have to wait them out..with some ice cream and some sad music/sad movie..eventually it passes

  4. Um, sad music/movies make these moods WORSE, not better, lol.