Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fog (Again)

I have been in such a daze these last few days (no pun intended - ok, pun intended).  I'm tired from lack of sleep, my hands are roughed from hand washing.  My head cannot wrap around the idea that summer is over.

Yes, kids, summer is over.  We cannot pretend any differently anymore.  Our vacations are done or ending, schools right around the corner (and has even started for some).  The feared word "September" will be heard all around the world tomorrow.

But for me, it's all just a daze.  I'm tired, I cannot think straight.  No matter how many ounces of coffee I drink, the world remains a fog.  I need a kick start.


In my neighborhood, they are starting a program for the Jewish holidays.  Basically, they want people doing good deeds over the next 40 days to prepare for the Days of Awe.  They are stressing things like smiling at people - people in stores, at the checkout lines, the stock boys in groceries. 

All I can think to myself is, shouldn't we be doing that all the time?  Should being nice be the default option?  I'll never really understand people.  I know I'm young and I'm certainly jaded but my experiences have taught me that people are, by nature, selfish beings - capable of doing good deeds and acts of kindness when it suits them.  Not that people aren't inherently good (they may be) or that they are evil (though they may be that too), but they are selfish nonetheless.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule.  But still.


I was talking to an online friend from this blog the other day via g-chat.  We were discussing something personal in nature - a question about something "frum - BY-type" girls may or may not do  - as opposed to what they claim to do to the public.  She suggested I put it up on my blog as a survey question.  I go back and forth on it.  Y'all will remember how popular my "tennis" post was, but I am not interested in dragging Obscured into the gutter either. 

Any thoughts?


  1. I think you should put it up. If it's discussed tastefully, it won't be in the gutter.

    As for doing good things all the time, I agree with you, but for those who don't, September is as good a place a start as any. And also, even if you're doing something good for bad/selfish reasons, it's better than not doing anything good at all!

  2. By it's very nature, it's gutter material....

  3. >a question about something "frum - BY-type" girls may or may not do

    In the immortal words of Supertramp...