Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Side Story

I'm thinking about writing a Broadway play about my experiences in Blogland. I think there is certainly no shortage of rich material and interesting characters.

Obviously, the play would take place in the land of make-believe and would center around the lives of our plucky heroes:

There's Hannah, the brainy, melancholy force of nature, who creates a whirlwind of energy whenever shes on stage.

Eric Dish, the thirty-something, world weary guy who holds a giant part of the world together with his easy vibe and intelligence.

Maria, the endlessly optimistic bundle of perky energy that flutters through each scene bringing raw positiveness to the production.

Doc, the young sushi chef who quotes Confucius and tries to figure out the world.

Miri, Hannah's younger, idealistic sister, who sees the world in black and white as she struggles to come to the realization that there's a couple of varieties of gray mixed in there too.

Esther, the married woman who struggles to hold together her marriage, her relationships with her family and the desire to see the world as well.

Kvetch and Observer, who sit in the balcony like those 2 guys from the Muppets and make sarcastic, funny observations like, "this play really sucks" - before bursting out laughing.

Baila, Shprintsy and Malky, three young, single frum girls who struggle to find a balance between their religious beliefs and their personal feelings.

So there it is, my next great unfinished project. 

And what's so great is that it's the story of us all.


  1. I love those Muppets guys. They're the best.

  2. Hey, there's a character named after me. :]

  3. Hmm, one or two of them sounds more than a little familiar! :P