Monday, August 29, 2011

August 25, 2011

What is a date?

It's a day experienced...... and then forever frozen in time on a calendar.  It's April 24, 1967.  It's September 3, 2002.  It happens and then it's gone. 

Some dates, though, are remembered.  Birthdays, anniversaries.  People attach significance to days for a variety of reasons, good and bad.  Celebrating a wedding, celebrating a divorce, marking a death or a new life.

Some days live in infamy.  Ask any grandparent-age person what they were doing when Kennedy was shot.  They know exactly.  Same for a black grandparent.  Ask them about the day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.  They know. 

Ask any person over the age of 30 about their 9-11memories and they can tell you every minute of that day in colorful detail.  Every emotion they felt, every single thing they did from the time they heard until the day ended.  Surreal.

What is a date?

It's a moment in time.  It's another stone in the endless road to the end of time.  Each day holds meaning to someone and remains virtually meaningless to almost everyone else.  It's a symbol of the expanse of time - a link in an endless chain.

Some dates, though, are remembered.  For good and for bad.

August 25, 2011 - the day he told me he loves me for the first time.