Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Though the title of the song was written tongue in cheek, the title of this post is not meant to be.

If I've ever had a better weekend, I certainly cannot remember it.  I spent Friday with Tova.  I was able to sit and talk and eat with my best friends.  Enough said.

Sunday i spent with David.  We actually ended up pretty much staying at his parents.  We hung out.  spent time with his siblings, shopped for their Sunday night BBQ and then helped prepare.  It was amazing.  i actually felt like part of the family. 

We BBQ'd Sunday night, they had one other family over, and it was really....well it was really nice.

I slept over at his parents Sunday night.  Then Monday we went to one of his friends who has a pool.  A bunch of his friends (some married, some not) were all there and we hung out the whole day.  Again, I know most of his friends already so it was really good times.

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