Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aggravation - UPDATED

Turns out the whole can't open the mouth or chew was an infected, impacted wisdom tooth.  It's out now.  The shot and the laughing gas are starting to wear off and the pain is steadily increasing.  I'm working a week and a half and I'm gonna be taking a sick day already.  Good thing I don't get paid!!

As I sit here at my intern desk, in my own office, doing nothing, the following things occur to me:

 - I think my wisdom teeth have to come out because I can't even open my mouth more than halfway.  Chewing? Forget it.

 - No matter how hard we try, no matter how much we want to do the right thing, so many times it just blows up right in our faces.  It's times like this that i always question.  WHY?  Why do I care about other people?  Why do i try to help? What's the point?  So that I can get labelled a destroyer, untrustworthy?  So that I can have people I talk to immediately roll over on me and send me sprawling down the stairs? 

Why do I care?  Do I know these people?  I'd like to think I do.  They continually push me away but I keep coming back for more, like an unloved puppy. 


Am i simply a glutton for punishment?  Am I stupid? 

Then comes the next question.  Am I WRONG?  Am I meddling where i am not wanted?  If so, even if my intentions are good, am I still wrong?

I don't know.


  1. 1. Sorry about your tooth. Get well soon!
    2. Um, ????

  2. Re: Tooth - get better
    Re: Helping people: No good deed goes unpunished. But if you still want to be good for goodness sake, don't expect it to have the intended effect. Just make sure you do what you think is best.