Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waxing Poetic About The Boob Tube

Yea yea, I don't wanna hear it. I like TV.  Sue me.  There's always the option of NOT reading....if you dare!

So every great TV show has that moment, that transcendent point in time when it goes from being a good show to being a great one.  Lost had season three and the introduction of Ben Linus. (As an aside, when Lost was on, no matter how fucked up i was, i was always able to be in front of a TV for that little gem.  Up until the last season, it is a top-three show for me - every single week they did something that dropped you in your tracks.  Up until the end when the realized there was no way to tie it up, went back to an idea they swore wasn't the ending, and made that the ending - literally cheating millions of people out of closure.  But I'm not bitter.) Justified went from good to great in Season 2 and the introduction of Mags Bennett.  Battlestar Galactica (the greatest gift one of my ex-boyfriends ever gave me) has the opening minutes of the pilot.  Gossip Girl had....haha just kidding.  GG is great fun not a great show.

Then there is HBO's suddenly great Game of Thrones.  Which, up until last night, I have been enjoying a lot.  AFTER last night we can call this show transcendent. This show has it all.  Deceit, far away lands and magic, handsome brooding men.  Loads of gratuitous sex with top flight hookers and queens.  Secrets and lies.  A 9 year old who gets shoved out a high window.  I mean, what else could you possibly want??? Mark it down kids, Season 1, Episode 9.  And if you are watching this show and are not yet up to date I have 2 words for you...


First you had massive amounts of time dedicated to one of the great tv characters of all time, Tyrion Lannister, aka, the Imp.  We got some seriously juicy back story on him, right before he gets knocked unconscious on his way to do battle.  Good times.

Then we had Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen's crazy attempt to save Drogo with a magic horse (sorry, you had to be there) - even more fun times.  All this capped off with.....

The terribly surprising and saddening death of Ned Stark-  beheaded while sacrificing his honor (telling the truth about runty little Joffry Baratheon) for the love of his daughter (the vapid and annoying Sansa Stark) all while being observed by his plucky and awesome daughter Arya - which hideously backfires on him, but not before he kneels down to accept his fate making the Boromir "I just got hit with a third arrow and now there's no way I can protect the little ones and make up for trying to take the ring from Frodo" face.  I was so thrown off by this turn of events I literally dropped an F-Bomb on the couch.

Yes, the majority of TV shows are garbage.  Yes, people spend way too much time watching TV.  But that doesn't make all TV bad. 

Just look at Game of Thrones and see.

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