Monday, June 6, 2011

Update 2

Had to bite the bullet and call my summer intern boss to tell him there was no way I'm starting June 15.  Not only that, sir, I cannot even begin to fathom when I will be well enough to start.

Boss was very gracious and told me not to worry, to focus on getting better and that the job will be there whenever I'm ready for it.

It's nice to know that you can "make it" to important positions in this world - positions which require you to make hard decisions and in fact o be a hard-ass - and yet still maintain your level of goodness, of humanity.  I have met a number of successful people, women and men, who still remain good people despite the hardness of their jobs and the weight they carry at work.  It's nice to know that's possible.

In the meantime, just pulling myself out of bed has become the hardness of MY job.  Apologies to all my G-chat friends - I don't have the energy these days for it.  It's nothing personal and I'm not ignoring you.  I just can't.        Hopefully my 2 line emails suffice :)

So my end of the summer road trip is a go.  We are going "North".  Why?  Because we are gonna meet up with some friends from Toronto, so we decided for fairness sake, we can meet somewhere in the middle.  This road trip is starting to get one of those "special trips you never forget type of feels". I will explain why some other time, but suffice it to say a guy I really like is very seriously contemplating coming with a few of his friends.

In the meantime - how about those suggestions for places to go North of New York and South of Toronto.....COME ON PEOPLE!!!


  1. Feel better and focus on the positive! Hopefully, it will give your body additional motivation to recover ASAP!

  2. By toronto do you mean toronto proper, or niagra falls? Both are great with a ton to do, ive lived there the past three years:)

  3. My parents' house ;-) If you need meals/a place to sleep, they live around the halfway point. Email me if interested.

  4. First, I assume you mean north of the NYC area.

    Second, I think you mean southeast of Toronto and northwest of NYC, because Toronto is probably more west of NYC than north. Now, if it were Montreal...

    Corning, NY has a beautiful glass museum and factory and if probably the halfway point in between. The finger lakes region is great for hiking and just taking in the solitude of the outdoors. I think kedem has vinyards in that region too; it's known for grape growing. Then of course you have the cities: Rochester, Syracuse, and Binghamton.

  5. Hows about the lake George area????

  6. Ride the Minnie-haha its a old fashioned Mark Twain like ferry.
    Check out the Fort other than that Lake George is quiet.