Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dark Side of the Moon

"All that is now.

And all that is gone.

All that's to come.

And everything under the sun

is in tune

And the sun is ecliped by the moon."

 I pretend I'm as normal as everyone else.  Usually I can even fake it enough to fool you all.

But sometimes, for little or even no reason, I can feel the darkness closing in.  The demonds come calling.

It's not a chemical imbalance, thank god.  It's just a mood thing witha side order of hormonal goodness throen in for good measure. 

But the darkness comes just the same.  And when it does there's nothnig for it.

I feel the darkness closing in.


  1. I hear ya:

  2. [holding out a flashlight]


  3. Hang on in there. To paraphrase what you said about the temporary nature of this:

    "This is just a passing phase,
    One of my bad days."

    This too will pass

  4. It happens to all of us. It can be oppressive at times and maddening as well. The only thing that gets me through the darkness is the love of a good friend who stands with you through it all.

  5. You're not alone in the darkness....

    It'll pass soon

  6. Well, I know I will probably be banned after saying this, but "TURN OFF PINK FLOYD" - I mean, sheesh, the bastards wrote good music, but it's not something you want to listen to when you're feeling down.

    Back in college, I once come home to my dorm room at about 1 am, and I find the door chained, the room dark, and one of my Floyd albums blasting on the stereo (Dark Side of the Moon, actually, now that I think about it).

    So, I figure - my stupid, Canuck, freshman roommate is inside slicing his veins... probably homesick or maybe he flunked his first chemistry test. So I start banging on the door and who should come out but my roommate's freshman buddy with his freshman girlfriend.

    Now I ask you, what kind of a sick fuck seduces his girlfriend to Dark Side of the Moon? In someone else's room! And doesn't even have the common decency to hang a god damn sock on the door. Twenty odd years later, it still riles me up...

    Oddly, the guy wound up dead about 5 years later - gored in the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

    So, to summarize - nothing good can come out of sitting in the dark, by yourself, listening to Pink Floyd while feeling down.

    How's about the new album by the Beastie Boys? Good stuff...

  7. Have to side with e-kvetcher on that one...

  8. The problem with those moods is that, even though we know that they pass, while we're in it, it feels horrible. I hope you're doing better!