Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming Down Off the Ultimate High

I'm very much in the clouds these last few days.  I can't really concentrate on anything, nor do I care all that much.  It's partially my "David High" and partly the fact that I need to start re-adjusting to the world again after being sick for so long.

I invited a friend over Sunday and we sat by the pool for hours.    It's been a while since I've felt well enough to sit out.  Oh and I also went out with David late afternoon.  Good times.

Yesterday I cleaned up my room, opened my windows, and let a month of sickness out.  I drove around and did errands, simple things, just trying to get back into normal routine.

I've started to eat regularly and I've even gained a little weight.  Doc says if I feel up to it I can even start exercising again in a week.  Can't wait.

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