Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Up Thy Stethescope and Walk

"Doctor Doctor
I'm in bed
Doctor Doctor
Aching head

 Doctor Doctor
gold is lead
 Doctor Doctor

choke on bread
Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor

 gold is lead
 Doctor Doctor

Jesus bled
 Doctor Doctor

pain is red
Music seems to help the pain
Seems to motivate the brain

 Doctor kindly tell your wife
 That I'm alive
 Flowers thrive

So - I did it. 

Tests are done, papers are submitted.  So far (I got back alot of my stuff already) I'm kicking ass. I worked pretty much every waking hour of every day for like 10 straight days, taking off only to eat (a little) sleep (even less) and to catch  the season finales of Gossip Girl (underwhelming), Justified (awesome) and Supernatural (what can I say, those guys are very cute). 

And now my poor little body has betrayed me.  Or given out.  I'm not sure.  Instead of kicking back and relaxing at the beach or pool (you know, assuming it didn't rain every single day of the month) I'm home sick with this annoyingly dry, hack-ey cough, fever and a massive body ache.

I hate being sick for a variety of reasons.  a) It usually comes along with a case of not feeling well.  b)  It keeps me stuck at home with my mother (though at least she remains true to form and never checks up on me).  c)  It often means trips to the doctor, which I hate.   d) It gives me too much alone time with my own thoughts. 

Regarding d) - When my head isn't occupied, it tends to wrap itself up in knots and worry.  It tends to over think, to over-analyze and, finally, succumb to some weird paranoia.

So far I've been on total system crash - I actually slept like 10 hours last night which NEVER happens.  I haven't eaten much and I've really been too tired to think.  But eventually my sleep will catch up with my weariness and then I'll be in trouble.

So let's hope this whole sick thing wears off ASAP. 

Otherwise c) and d) will come in to play and get me all messed up.

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