Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sorry - no fancy song title or lyrics.  I'm too pissed.

So this is the scene from the doctor's office 20 minutes ago:

Doctor (imagine a short, overweight creepy Jewish guy, late 30's early 40's, with an office full of Gemaras):  (Mumbling like usual) "Your lungs sound bad.  I am going to give you a chest X-ray." - followed with me getting half naked for a chest X-ray.

Me (Sitting in the examination room waiting for the results) via gchat text to the Enchantress:  "I need a female doctor.  Why?  Cause I assume he wants to give me a chest X-rat so I'll take my shirt off."

Doctor (5 minutes later) Mumbling:  "Cymbaline you have pneumonia."  Followed with some shit about how I'm gonna be sick for like 6 weeks.

Me (really pissed):  "Fuck."

Him (suddenly really uncomfortable), mumbling:  "Um.  So I'll give you a prescription for something with an awful name, the size of a horse pill that will make you feel like shit, and then you will lie in bed, hacking lung shit up and then collapsing in exhaustion for a few weeks.  And then you can come back, take your shirt off and we can give you another X-ray."  Or something very similar.

My reaction is still the same though.



  1. That is legit no fun :(
    Hope the six weeks passes quickly... don't forget to share all the gory mucus-y details with us!

  2. Get Well Soon. And keep talking.. hmm... writing :-)

  3. Hope u feel better soon:) I had it last year. it wasnt that bad though, it took me two weeks to get over it.

  4. Thanks y'all. I will be writing alot - got nothing else to do :(

  5. Feel better soon! You're young and strong and maybe if you fight it with determination, you'll heal quicker! :) Doctors often try to err on the side of caution to avoid legal problems. :)