Thursday, May 26, 2011

All About Me(Me)

So apparently there was a "Golden Age" of Jewish Blogging (Ezzie can tell you all about it) and everyone did Meme's.  What's a Meme, you ask?  No worries, I recently asked too.  Apparently its a clever way to talk about yourself in blog form.

Fascinated by Blogosphere history, I did some research.  Meme rules are pretty flexible.  I've seen ones where you simply answer questions about yourself.  I've seen others where bloggers listed a bunch of things about themselves, by category. Then after, you invite another blogger to do the same thing.  (I, of course, will be turning that a bit on its head.)

Since I'm sick as all hell anyway, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, silly things like Memes are suddenly brilliant ideas the worlds best ways to kill time!  And since SiBaW put me on to the trail of the elusive Meme, I guess I'll do it the way he showed me.  So I took his eight questions, below:

  1. I wish I could…
  2. My biggest fear is…
  3. I hate to…
  4. I love…
  5. Today I will…
  6. Yesterday I…
  7. My hair is…
  8. I will never…
and I am gonna answer them below.  Then I'm gonna invite everyone to answer Meme questions.    Cause that's how I roll. 

So without further ado:

1.  I wish I could get better.  Being sick is profoundly fucking up my life.  It's ruined my summer plans, my summer vacation and my ability to do...well do ANYTHING.  So right now the over-arching Plan A is getting healthy.

2.  My biggest fear is well real and fake.  My biggest fake fear is vampires.  I'm terrified of vampires.  And zombies.  And, quite honestly, sharks too.  My biggest real fear (besides sharks)?  I'm afraid I won't be able to rise above my (shaky) past and make something of myself.  That for all my bluster, I'll never be more than what I am right now - a confused and scared kid.

3.  I hate to…feel like I'm trapped.  I hate feeling like I have nowhere to go, that circumstances have placed me in a locked cell from which there is no escape.  You know, like my sick bed.

4.  I love Pink Floyd, Tova, nature, reading, being alone, being with other people (who I like), having intellectual conversations, or silly ones, laughing, hugging someone I care about,  lemonade in a frosted glass loaded with ice cubes, sitting on a lounge chair near a pool, forests, rivers, placid lakes, vanilla ice cream (sigh) and David.  Not, necessarily, in that order.

5.  Today I will do everything in my power to keep getting better. And finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, before I go to bed.  I will also call Tova and annoy her even though I can barely talk.

6.  Yesterday I spent 7 hours in the Emergency Room being very scared but pretending I was very brave.

7.  My hair is brown, long and straight.  I love my hair because of all the things I can do to it, without having to DO anything to it.

8.  I will never…fully get over my distrust of people.  I will also never get a tattoo, pierce anything besides my ears (though I did once - long story) or dye my hair blond.

There. I did it.  My part in the Meme is over.  Now it's YOUR turn, dear reader.  ALL you dear readers.  No reason to be shy.  Soul baring honesty is good for you, trust me.

I gave you my eight questions.  So no copying.  Y'all do your own.  Do eight.  Do 5.  Hell do one.  Just DO one.  Or comment that you are doing it on your own blog and follow through.

Come on people, I've got 6 weeks to kill.  Have a little compassion.


  1. It's your request at the end.... ok... im doing it :)

  2. I'll tell you about it? Ha. I'm too old to remember those days... also, everyone hated these quickly. But you're new, so you get a pass.

    I'm not doing it, but instead I'll reply to yours.

    1, 2, 8 - You will.
    3 - You won't.

  3. I'll do that tomorrow morning, as right now I"m exhausted and have to put matchsticks into my eyes... :) What Ezzie said in response!

  4. @RD - Still waiting

    @ Ezzie - oh, was it a bad fad? Like pet rocks?

    @ Irina - Still waiting

  5. Er... this might have to wait a little, as today is turning out to be busier than I thought. But I"ll get to it!

  6. You're also afraid of vampires? Oh my Gosh, I totally thought I was the only adult who was honestly afraid of people I know and love suddenly *BAM* turning out to be vampires or aliens or something else unknowable and scary and going to eat me.
    Sorry you're sick, but I am SO GLAD that you're also scared enough of vampires for that to make your top fears list.

  7. Isn't EVERYONE afraid of vampires?

  8. Clearly, you're not up on that whole "Twilight" fad :)

  9. Awesome list! Btw, I did the meme on my blog too, although I think you beat me to the punch. Oh, and for the record I love vampires, but then again I like the dark, I’m slightly pasty, and have fangs… :-D

  10. E -no way - I haven'y been 12 for many years.

    Sib - I love vamps - but they do indeed terrify me nontheless.

  11. I have to confess that as a kid I would lie awake at night paralyzed by fear of vampires.

    During the day I would convince myself that since vampires were afraid of crosses, and as a Jew I didn't believe crosses had any power, that had to mean that there was no such thing as vampires, but at night, my irrational fears would overpower my rational faculties.

    As I got older, I found that the best way to cure nightmares of course is to be so tired all the time that all you want to do is sleep. Having four kids did that for me :)

  12. Finally wrote it up! See my blog! :)

  13. Hey, just found your blog... didn't read all your posts but you write really well.

    Wow, so many people scared of vampires! They're so dark and seductive, I love them.

    Any reason in particular you don't like tattoos?

    (Not sure whether you followed SibaW's link or not, but I did the meme already- it's so cool that it's taking off!)

  14. should i still feel bad and do it? or have enough people jumped on the bandwagon that you don't need me to do it anymore?