Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Speak To Me

How do you reach a teenager in today's day and age?  Tea and crumpets?  Sharing a trip to the museum followed by a nice opera?

No.  You text them. And then you exchange emails and G-chat. 

And that's how I got rolling with Mrs. B's daughter. I told her a little about me. I told her her mom is worried about her and wants her to have an ear. Someone who doesn't represent The Man. Because, after all, damn The Man.

 I told her about this blog.  I told her to read this blog.  She did.  I asked her if I could write about her every once in a while so long as I protect her anonymity.  She asked to think about it.  Then she said yes.  I told her the ground rules.  This isn't going to be a running diary about our relationship.  I don't plan on writing her secrets or her issues.  The second she feels uncomfortable with anything I write she tells me.  Then I take it off the blog and never write about her again.  That's rule 1.  Rule 2 - she never comments on this blog.  Anything she wants to say, she says to me.   Rule 3.  In the event I feel that writing about our relationship is making it harder for us to connect, I stop.  Done, done and done.

And so begins my journey with Lil Sis.  That's how I will refer to her.  Lil Sis.  Hey Lil Sis, I know you are reading!!

Anyway - I spent some time cleaning up that piece of crap I posted yesterday and I emailed it in.  I am deeply disappointed in myself.  In my head, it was a great idea and a good story start.  On paper...not so much.  For whatever reason, I just wasn't able to give it my best efforts.  I don't know why but I HATED writing it.  Absolutely hated it.  I just wanted to get it done. 

I enjoy writing.  I find this blog therapeutic.  I always feel better after I post.  So I wonder why writing that thing was so damn hard.  Maybe I like writing about what is real and relevant to me.  Maybe I couldn't get behind the story because I didn't really want to write that story.  I hope so anyway.  Not that I dream of being a famous author, but I do want to write a book someday. Even if it never gets published.  Just something I can pull out of a box when I'm cleaning out the garage with my kids and say "wow, i totally forgot i wrote this thing!" before telling them they can't read it because there's too much sex and cursing in it.

David's been texting me, wondering why I don't call.  Because I'm in love with you stupid really really busy with schoolwork, dude.  Gimme a few more days and all will be good. Yeah right.

Oh and finally, I got the internship offer at Company X.  So I got my summer lined up.  Which is sweet.  Thanks Dad.


  1. Thats great. Glad it got off on the right foot.

    Happy 4 u abt the summer job.

  2. Started following your blog after Ezzie blogged about you. Great job on the blog and looking to reading more.

  3. Thank you - always nice to hear good things :)

  4. going to law school after undergrad?