Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let There Be More Light

Okay - so I re-read my blog posts yesterday afternoon and it struck me how...dark the damn thing is.  God, even I'M depressed after reading about myself and I lived it already. 

So in the hope spirit of being a bit more light, I will recount the remainder of the day yesterday AFTER the "primal scream":

I needed to talk out my morning and then decompress. So I called the Guy I'm Seeing around noon.  I begin telling him my pain and suffering but I sense distraction on the other end.  "Are you there?" I ask.

"Yeah babe, I'm here.  I'm just catching up on some articles on the net while we talk."

Oh really?  "What kind?"  The answer better be somethnig like -  psychological journals, to better understand you.

"Stuff on ESPN."  That's a sports thing.

Sadly, the Guy I'm Seeing will soon be the Guy I WAS Seeing.

So I called my best friend.  David.  David and I have been friends a long time.  Little background on David.  He's older than I am by a few years.  He describes himself as Modern Orthodox, with emphasis on the modern part.  So like he's shomer shabbos and he eats kosher (for the most part), but he's significantly more liberal in his views than most.  And he's seriously cute.

He's heard the primal scream before.  Many times.  But despite him being a busy person with things to do, he patiently listened to it again. 

"I need to do somethng fun," I said.

"I have just the thing. Come to the City.  Meet me at 34th and 7th at 6:00.  Dress casual."

Sounds exciting!  And vague fun.  David never let's me down so....I put on a skirt and a top, throw jeans and a different top in my bag (yes, I know how absurd it is that a 20 year old has to go through these charades  - but it's their house, their tuition and, therefore, their rules) and a pair of boots and I'm out the door.

As an aside, try changing out of your skirt and top in the bathroom of a moving train.  Not good times.

So I meet David at the designated time and the designated place. First, he gives me the most needed hug of all time.  He always knows when i just need a hug, god bless him.  He takes me to eat. 

Over pizza (he's clearly a big spender) we just talk about nothing.  "Where are we going?" I finally ask, extremely excited.  Hanging out with Davis is always fun.  It's even MORE fun when we are doing something fun.  I'm thinking bar hopping, maybe a casual club. 

"I've got four words for you," he replies "New York Rangers hockey!"

Dead silence.  I mean HE looks really excited and all (his face has this sheen to it that I normally associate with people at tent revival shows when the minister makes a blind person magically see - PRAISE JESUS!), but did he just drag me into the City to watch a freaking hockey game?????  "You didn't drag me into the City to watch a freaking hockey game did you?"

Aparantly it's not JUST a hockey game, it's a battle for the playoffs!  And I'm going to appreciate the intensity.  He totally dissed a friend he was going to take to give the ticket to me.  Oh, AND the Rangers goalie is really cute (apparantly he's akin to a rock star in Sweden) so I can stare at him the whole time.

Sigh.  I guess since I'm already here, and David looks so damn excited.  I accept.

Before I even know what the hell is going on, the Rangers are losing 2 to zero.  David now looks depressed.  And what's worse, the Rangers goalie (Lundqvist) is wearing pads from shoulders to skates and a mask which covers his entire face.

Everyone in "the Garden" (which is where we were, though there are no growing things to be found anywhere) seems bummed. 

But then somethng happens.  The Rangers score some points.  People start chanting something in a sing-song voice and then screaming something.  I ask David about it.  He says they are saying Potvan sucks.  Who is Potvan I wonder.  He played for the Islanders and, apparantly, 30 years ago he did something dirty to a Ranger player.  30 years ago? I thought only Sicillians held grudges that long. I guess that is why "fan" is short for "fanatic".

Looooong story short.  The Rangers won.  It's really good for their playoff chances.  And you know what?  I had no idea what the hell was going on but it WAS exciting.  The fans were screaming like lunatics and standing up alot.  Oh and there were a bunch of cute players who didn't wear masks so I had that going for me.

After the game I called my dad.  Of course he was still in the city.  He's always working.  Sure, he'd give me a ride home.

He gave David the evil eye when he picked me up.  We rode the first 20 minutes in silence.

Them all of a sudden out of nowhere:  "You know, I spoke to (blankety-blank), he's counsel for Company X, a big real estate company.  I asked him if he would mind having an intern over the summer.  It's unpaid, of course, but you would learn an awful lot about both law and real estate."

I'm looking at him.  It's funny,  he's always been too busy, always workling, never home.  He makes a great living for his family.  But every time I think he was out of touch with me or what's going on, he surprises me.  There were literally tears in my eyes when I told him that sounded great.  Unpaid internship with Blankety-blank and Company X sounded like an ideal way to spend my summer.

"Well, it's not a done deal yet, he's thinking it over.  But I told him how smart and hard working you are.  So hopefully he'll say yes."  Silence.  Then "you know Cymbaline, I am proud of your accomplishments."  Followed by alot my silence as I (and he, too, I think) struggled to keep my composure.

He dropped me off at the train station to pick up the car I had driven there earlier.

 I sat in the car smiling like an idiot for about 10 minutes before pulling out of my spot and heading for home.

Oh and I looked at the goalie on Google Images.  He is cute in a greasy European way.  So there you go.

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