Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gone Fishin

One of the good things about being a good student with fairly good attendance is your professors won't usually blink (too much) if you miss a class or two.  So in honor of my surviving Passover with my family, and Tova's surviving in general, I'm taking Tova's sick ass to Florida for some serious R & R.  Of course, I use the expression "I'm taking" very loosely as it's her parent's apartment that is available and about to get hit with some serious usage!  And she's paying for her own flight.  But otherwise, it's all me baby.  There will be some relaxing, some laughs, some more relaxation and hopefully some, um, physical exertion as well (see below).

Sadly Tova has insisted we cannot take any luggage save our carry-ons.  She is an impossibly harsh task-master.  Therefore, I probably will NOT be taking my laptop.  Which means no blogging.  I know, I know, how will you all manage without me? I'm sure you will all manage just fine.

As I have but one carry on (though it's a great size), I shall be packing light.  2 bikinis, 1 tankini, 2 pairs of short-shorts, 4 t-shirts, 2 tank tops, 2 cami's, 2 cover-ups, one flip flops, one pair of jeans, 1 capri pants, undergarments and one (shudder) skirt and top just in case.  My trusty mp3 player and my toiletries (all in less than 3-ounce sizes).  And I will for sure get it all in.  I shall spend $4 million in the airport in trashy magazines and books to read.  If anyone has suggestions for good books, email 'em to me - commenting here will be worthless.

Our itinerary - sitting by the pool.  All day, every day.  Hopefully very cold beverages will be involved as well.  Nothing else.  Nights are still under discussion (see below).

So forgive me, dear readers, if I do not respond to your comments or promptly answer your emails.  I will have my trusty 'droid and will periodically check, but that's about it.

As an aside, many of you have commented or (more usually) emailed me about what's up with David.  So here's a quick update:

1.  Monster McBitch called him after passover and with great drama and sadness told him she has met the newest love of her life in Palm Beach over Passover at some fancy golf hotel she went to with her parents with the express purpose of showing herself off to thousands of eligible guys.  David was more upset by the playoff losses of his beloved Rangers and Knicks.  So was I, incidentally.

2.  Oh and it just so happens that his company is sending him to south Florida this week on business - I mean what are the odds of us going to be down in Florida at the same time????  Well pretty good considering we had the following conversation recently.

Him:  "I'm going to be in Florida the week of May 1st."

Me:  "No way!"

Him:  "Way."  He's extremely clever with his comebacks.

Me:  "You know me and Tova were planning a trip.  Maybe we should go down then too."

Him:  Well, I'll be pretty busy during the day, but my nights are open."  Wink wink. [Ed's Note:  I can only assume he winked because we were on the phone, but I like to think he did.]

Me:  (Swooning).  "Sold."  [Editor's Note:  I can assure you that I actually swooned since I was there, swooning.]

So life is funny sometimes.  One minute you're hating Monster McBitch, the next you're in Florida with your 2 best friends.  Good times are gonna roll.  You hear me world?  GOOD TIMES ARE GONNA ROLL!


  1. Enjoy the Florida humidity :P

    Wow! Thats a pretty cool development with David! Good luck with that.

  2. Oh, I forgot ur a new yorker. Humidity is nothing new. Thats one of the few good things about living in the socialist state of California, dry heat.

  3. Sounds AWESOME!!! Have TONS of fun, and can't wait to hear a full report when you get back!