Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Begining

So here it begins.

Upon the advice of a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (aka my therapist) I was instructed to find an outlet to express myself.  I've recently discovered the blogosphere - read a blog or two - commented on some - heck even got into a couple of verbal jousting matches.  It made me realize something - Hell, I can do this.  I may, perhaps, even be good at it.  I'll leave that to the reader (though it's quite possible I will be the only reader, in which case the reader has already decided I'm good at this - just kidding).

So where does one begin when writing their story?  At the beginning of course.  And so I shall - next time dear reader.  I know, what a tease - but I DO have a lot of stuff to do today. 

So until next time...this was....a Beginning.



  1. WOOHOO!!! welcome to blogosphere! I got the first comment!

  2. Mazal Tov - as requested i removed the word verification thingy - It IS annoying.

  3. Funny how you say that you will tell more next time and then you do- on the same day.

    I think I missed your explanation to the name of your blog.

  4. If you don't mind me asking, why do/did you need a therapist?

  5. Drunk - It was a combination of my parents forcing me to and me realizing I needed someone who I could talk to. They wanted me to see this frum woman and I said no effing way. We agreed upon me seeing a male therapist jewish but not observant - so he could at least understand the "special" issues i had as a jew.

    Altie - HATED my first name - LOVE my second one.

  6. Well I still don't get the first one, but the current one is great.

  7. Your blog was off to a wonderful start with the misspelling of your first blog post...